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Best Player vs Player Basketball game! - Play online against friends and others - - Follow your personal leaderboard, challenge your friends performances, be the best! - Go deep into Miami heat nights, Try a New York futuristic view, unlock 3 others mysterious playgrounds. - Try the mission mode : different splashy basketball shots and combos to achieve your missions!

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You'll love it!

Splash Basketball Online is the best Basketball Player vs Player game. Swish, dunks,.. and even mission mode. Gamers have to sharpen their skills to achieve trick shots, gather coins and maybe even trigger the « Frenzy mode » or master the « AlleyOop ».

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We like that!

"We added several arcade mechanics to improve the user experience and make Splash more entertaining. We made it as we like it, and Splash is Good! Both casual and hardcore gamers will enjoy Tip-off challenges

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